WTE Gasification is a flexible, reliable, and internationally proven technology. Such plants eliminate rubbish instead of storing it, and recover the thermal energy contained in the garbage in highly efficient boilers that generate steam that can then be used on-site to drive turbines for clean electricity production.

Gasification is a unique process that transforms a carbon-based material, such as MSW, into other forms of energy without actually burning it. Instead, the gasification process converts the solid waste materials into syngas through various chemical reaction.

Gasification offers wide fuel flexibility. A gasification plant can vary the mix of solid feedstocks, or run on gas or liquid feedstocks, giving it more freedom to adjust to the price and availability of its feedstocks.

The syngas will be cleaned before being fed into the boiler, which produces steam for energy generation. As a result the flue gases released to the atmosphere will much be cleaner than that of incineration. As the gasifier air emissions are cleaned it has the potential to operate close to urbanised environments.